How Does i5 2300 compare with Fx - 8320?

Hey! I just sold my Fx 8320 and Asus M5a9 990FX and got an old i5 2300 for the time i collect cash. So , for the time being i would be using it with 270x, how will it pair up with the 270x ? is it too slow that it will bottleneck ?

Any help is appreciated! :)

Its not a bad piece of hardware at all. It should be faster then you need to maximize your 270x's performance :)    

Thanks a lot! i just have to get away with it for a couple of months! 

One more question, Should i wait for 5th gen intel or buy Devil's Canyon ? Really confused from some days, Sold 8320 for this reason only !

An i5 2300 will be plenty for that GPU and pretty much any GPU even if you ran two of them together.

The 2300 will be a little bit slower overall than the FX although in single threaded tasks it will be a bit faster. The 8320 can overclock very well though and with a decent OC it will be quite a bit quicker.

I'm a bit confused by the last part of your question. Neither a Haswell, Haswell Refresh (Devils Canyon), or a Broadwell will work in the motherboard that the 2300k is in. The 2300 is a Socket 1155 part while the others are Socket 1150. Plus, Broadwell parts need a '97 based board (Z97) to work. So if you thought you could just pop a new CPU in you can't.

Personally, I'd just wait at this point. The i5 you have is plenty fast and Broadwell will be coming soon, so long as there aren't any more delays, and would be the sounder upgrade option.

yeah sorry i didnt tell you that the mobo with the i5 2300 is intel original and it is crapy. its like free :P. i m gna buy new mobo with the chip. and i am also thinking about waiting for Broadwell.  Fx was a great chip. I had a limited budget so i used it for a year. Now, i got more money, like $500 to spend on the CPU and MOBO so i sold it and thought i would buy a better one :)

Thanks again for your help ! :)