How does AMD's "never settle" program work?

So my friend bought my 270x off of me a while back and I was wondering if he is illegible for this program?

I read the terms and conditions and it mentioned something about having a 'supported retailer', i'm not fully sure if it i bought it from a supported retailer or not but I do know that all of my Nvidia  cards came with their games..

Will the never settle program be obviously written on the box somewhere or on a piece of paper in side the box?

Or can any card be illegible?



he would have to speak to Call up AMD or the Vendor to find out. Me being the idiot i was back then, when i bought 2 R9-270x's i bought them WAAAY TO Early about a week after they were released and the Never Settle bundle wasn't out yet. i doubt if i would of called months later they would of gave it to me but it doesn't hurt to ask.

They were doing a version of this back when I got my 7870 and with that one they either cave out a card with a  code on it for use on AMDs website or I was emailed a code from the retailer.

Yeah, you should have got a card or e-mail with code & instructions if your card was eligible.

i got the BATTLEFIELD 4 game with my R9 290X but the vendor went all out and advertised it