How does a 290 pair with 1440p?

I'm thinking of getting the 290, with a kraken g10 and a thick single rad along with a cheap korean 1440p monitor and OC those guys to see what would happen sometime in January. I saw the benchmarks at 1440p and it seems the card can handle it but I haven't experienced anything like that (I currently game at 720p med and 1080p low on battlefield three with my two 5770's I'm thinking it's time for a completely new upgrade and giving my current parts to a friend. Anyway is 1440p worth the jump compared to say a 1080p monitor and would I be able to handle games in the long run without shelling more for another 290? (I have plans for more 290's, water cooling the GPU's in a custom, independent loop, and two more 1440p monitors when I get the money in the future) What do you guys think? I'm talking mostly gaming by the way.

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The 290 and similar performing cards are all geared towards 1440p. You should be using those cards on 1440p monitors or surround gaming before you consider them for a single 1080p monitor ;D