How do you store your card collection?

How do you store your card collection? I have seen others use clear storage totes or segmented shelves sometimes. I recently built this shelf thing to hold my classic card collection. It’s slightly better than how they were stored before which was just stacked on top of each other in storage tubs.


This is really cool! I keep my cards in anti-static bags in a clear box on top of a couple motherboard boxes, since I barely have any spare cards lying around. Cool stuff!

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Damn, Daniel...
You can sell those, you know... For scrap and stuff...

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I think that you should give those to me.

But srsly.  

That is pretty cool.

Tech people on Youtube have things like that.

I envy those people.

You sire have a pretty large collection.


At the local recycling center.

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I have these big plastic storage bins I got from Target. They generate a lot of static. I then haphazardly throw a bunch of crap in them, and toss them on a shelf or whatever.

That being said, I've been trying to thin out my 30 years of computer crap. I have like 20lbs worth of power, parallel, and serial cables.