How do you StarCitizen?

What are you guys going to be playing StarCitizen with?
list your flight sticks, keyboards, stinkyfoot, throttles etc!

i plan on picking up a Thrustmaster T.Flightstick Hotas X

and using my cm storm mx blue keyboard or all those shield adjustments.

i dont wana spend too much on a flight stick so think this is the best bang for the buck.

come on, show us what you got.

That's what I'm currently using, it's not bad. I'm trying to find a place where I can manhandle some of the Saitek devices.

Good ol' mouse and keyboard. I use a Logitch G710+ and a Mionix Naos 3200.

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I will be using the cheap swap meet approach and twin sticking.

Seemed to work fine for starfox, going to test it on colony wars(PS1) at some point, man that series was fun.

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i found on youtube video where a guy configured 6 axis of movement but now i cant find it.

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I really want to incorporate some rudder pedals, so when I build the Cockpit, it has a more realistic feel.

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Are you going the whole 9 yards and getting a hydraulic cockpit set up like?

The thought has crossed my mind.

It's probably cheaper if you just suspend your cockpit with some bungee cords and pay some guys to rock it around.

The input delay, and response time of the cockpit movement would be so bad though...

Like This...

I fly with a mouse onthe right hand, Before launch I will be a getting a warthog flightstick and possibly be modding my orbweaver again to have an analouge stick


I have one of those... I may have to try it out.

How did you take this picture?!?!



The stick is amazing for controlling the camera in an RTS once you get used to it.

Good ol mouse and keyboard too. But SC is good enough reason to acquire flight sticks. What are your handle guys? Mine is Pengayau Iban

Keyboard and mouse. Good sticks are not worth their price and are impractical in a way that you need to take them out every time you want to play and put them away after you are done.

X55 for me, need a better chair for mounting though


How's that one working out for you?

a little help

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