How do you pull assets from a game?

I have a nice idea for an animation i really want to make, however im not quite experienced enough to make all the models im going to need in a timely manor. I just need things like chairs, clothes, beds, and other common house things. Excapt i need a lot of different things because the animation starts in a house that has been completely ran-sacked, with stuff lying everywhere.  I really just need a few 3d models from any old game. I use cinema 4d to animate. 

note: i really dont need a lecture on why/how this is steal/illegal/bla bla bla. I'm basicly just lazy and dont want to spend 3 years doing work that has already been done. If anyone could tell me how/where to get common house item 3d models for free and legally that would be great! But i looked for that, i couldnt find anything very useful. Simply Pulling assets from a game would be much easier, and then i could get exactly what i want.

And you wont be able to tell the 3d models were pulled from some popular game anyway because im making a horror animation, the lighting is going to be dim, and its not like im going to use some monster from halo, or anything obvious. 

I have no problem with you going to town on violating intellectual property rights, since those are mostly used as a weapon to bully start-up competition. You know ethical obligations count both ways or don't count at all.

 But Games often use proprietary stuff that require conversions to get to the goodies, you're going to spend some time reading up on manuals from the modder community.

There is allot of free creative commons or public domain 3d model content floating around, those usually are in an accessible file format.

from what i'm aware of its not illegal as long as you dont redistribute/modify the game instance itself, although individual EULA might change that, but the pulling assets thing isnt as easy as drag & drop, different games have different means of storing those assets, and different means of protecting them. if i recall correctly games using the source engine from valve have their assets stored seperately, although i havent tinkered around in there a lot. i doubt you can just import them straight into the game you are making, without extra layers recoding the source way of doing things to your way of doing things.

i hope there's an expert on the forum that can bring a bit more clearance than this.

EDIT: the expert ninja appeared before i clicked post xD