How Do You Manage Your Bookmarks?

I hope I put this in the right software section. It kind of includes web, desktop, and mobile so I wasn’t positive. Sorry if I got it wrong!

So I’m trying to find a bookmarks manager that I can use on my computers (I run a windows 10 gaming rig, an iMac for graphic design and 3d rendering, and a Linux laptop for daily driving) as well as my iOS devices. I was hoping to use a self-hosted solution, like Bookmarks in my NextCloud installation, but I can’t find any that include an iOS “add bookmark” solution.

I thought about using a paid service to help alleviate my privacy concerns and then also started thinking about note taking apps. I guess I’ma little concerned about the service ending in the future though. I’m also not sure if I trust my browser with my bookmarks regarding syncing them that way.

Anyway, having said all that, I was wondering if anyone could share their bookmarks management solution they use?

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Mine might be too simplistic, considering how sophisticated your solution sounds, but I simply have my tabs saved on browser accounts, personal and entertainment stuff in Vivaldi and work stuff in Firefox, specially easy since i only have Windows and Android devices.

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Thanks for the reply! I had thought about using Firefox (I use it on my computers and laptop) but I don’t know if I trust them with that kind of information. I would also be locked in to their browser going forward if I chose a broader account solution. Something tells me that is just what a lot of people do though. Thanks again!

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Screaming Panic and *I think I need to go… * BYE!!!


Nice to see a fellow user of all 3 operating systems. Our ranks grow stronger by the day.

Me, I don’t really use bookmarks much. When I have a website that I particularly get the sense that there is information on it that I will want to revisit, I do manually create a bookmark in whichever browser i happen to be in at the time, which will be either Chrome or Safari, and I do use the browser sync features, which will serve to make them accessible on my other devices, however I definitely use the browser sync much more often to pull up open tabs or history from other devices.

The problem with bookmarks in my mind is that it’s a kind of outmoded workflow where if you don’t consciously think to save something at the time, it’s not going to exist for you to retrieve later. History fixes that, but the problem with history is the needle-in-haystack aspect. However that’s merely a UI/software problem and can be addressed, whereas the premeditated workflow requirement drawback of bookmarks is a fundamental conceptual limitation.

I have done further thinking and research on this to consider what the ideal solution would be. It led me to another realization which is that both bookmarks and history have a further drawback which is that the only record being preserved is a hyperlink, which has no bearing on the actual content. The usual issue here is that sites inevitably go dead, so that ten or even five years from now your painstakingly collected bookmarks will be something like 30% dead links that each one will require you to expend some effort just to find out if the URL simply needed updating or if the information you tried to save is actually really gone.

So as you can imagine that doesn’t sit well with me when it comes to being an ideal solution. That looks something like the SingleFile browser extension, which very elegantly exports web pages as they have been loaded and as you view them into a single HTML file with all image resources and such things encoded inline as data urls. This is nice if for no other reason than that it is much easier to deal with and archive.

This is still totally falling short of my needs currently. I would prefer to automatically save every page I navigate to, on all my devices, and back up all of my browsing history, but it is not clear how to make that work on devices like my iPad and iPhone, and even if it were to be possible to get this running in a Safari Extension on those devices, the extra workload would put an unacceptable battery drain penalty on web browsing. Thus the approach would need to be to still have an extension present on all devices which can export and push any updated cookies from the browser to a server in my house, and the server can re-request the webpage and do the work of exporting and archiving it.

At present time the cost of researching and implementing such a scheme has not been justified yet. But hopefully one day I can get to seeing if this is possible. I think I need to focus first on proving out whether shipping cookies and rendering it on a server is even remotely possible. I expect that at minimum, it would not play nice with certain websites that do browser fingerprinting to check if something fishy is going on because this would definitely look fishy.

I self hosted shaarli for a little bit… I’ve tried shiori however have settled on linkding

Thank you for the thoughts and ideas! I have another post where I ask about note taking and file/document management which kind of falls into your exporting the page concept. Definitely something to think about in regard to combining the concepts, or at least having them work together. Thanks again!

Thanks for the recommendation! Just to confirm my findings, but linkding doesn’t work on iOS devices correct? Thanks again!

I use with within Firefox as an add on in both Android and Linux so apologies I haven’t looked I to it further for mac/ios

Thanks for the follow-up! It seems my desire for a solution that supports ios is going to be the biggest monkey wrench to my plans lol. I checked and Apple don’t allow extensions in third party browsers :frowning:

Sorry I have not read the OP yet, just wanted to say that I watch the development threads for BrowserSync on GitHub. It is a 3rd party online with browser plugins, but you can run your own server (the source at GitHub). Besides Multi-OS and Multi-Browser, it also supports Multi-Device

(I’ll read the OP later - hope this was of some use) done

The list often mentions various iOS problems, but I do believe the company behind BrowserSync does offer a store based solution for iOS. As far as I know, the browser extensions can be redirected to a private server too.


Thank you for the recommendation and explanation! I’ll have to check it out!

I’m using a NextCloud server with Floccus installed on all my browsers. Floccus syncs the bookmarks to the Bookmarks snap-in in NextCloud. It takes some fiddling to get it all syncing properly (or used to, it feels very improved now) and I gotta say it has been a long time since I thought bookmarks were useful, but I like this solution a lot.
It works across anything I’ve tried that takes Firefox or Chrome extensions, and it’s all self-hosted.

Thank you very much for your reply and suggestion! I looked at Floccus before regarding NextCloud Bookmarks but couldn’t find an easy way to add new Bookmarks via iOS. Did you have any luck syncing the bookmarks on iOS with Floccus? Thank you again!

I manually copy things if I want them on more than one device. I do not use any sort of central manager. I also prefer that different devices have different bookmarks, because different devices are for different purposes. If I really want to visit the same site on more than 1 device, I type it in manually, it’s not hard to remember important url’s.

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Unfortunately I have no iOS devices to test on. The app exists on iOS, but I have no idea what the functionality is like.

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Thank you for your reply and process! Unfortunately my memory isn’t good enough to remember different URLs (heck even remembering the base domain is a bit rough sometimes) though I definitely appreciate the ability to do so. Thanks again!

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Thank you for replying! I had messed with it but it didn’t support the “Share To” option for link sharing so all entries would have been copied and pasted manually. I couldn’t find an iOS Safari browser extension that supported Floccus. Thanks again!

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Thank you all for reply and offering your time and help! I have come to a conclusion/process for “Knowledge Management” and have posted the details in the post linked below. I consider bookmarks to be a part of my knowledge management system so that is why I’m including a link to the details post from here. Thank you again!

I just press ctrl+d and then enter :grinning:

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