How do you install an operating system with a Raid controller card

I have a PowerEdge server T300 that was given to me a couple years ago to play around with at home to learn how to build a server. It has four Dell Enterprize 750 gb hard drives, and 24 gb of ram. Since this computer has a Raid controller PCI card that is connected to a backplane that has slots to four SATA drives, where the four enterprize drives are installed. My question since the drives have been wiped. How does one go about installing a server OS on the server, as I never worked with a raid controller before. I can install the server 2016 on a trial basis or I can install server 2008 which I have licenses for. This is just a learning computer, as I want to learn how to install and configure, server software to advance my career. I do realize that 2008 is no longer supported and 2016 will soon be EOL as well, but I am sure there still will be people still using 2016 until it is fully end of life in 2027. Any one can lead me to a good website to learn: 1) how to install an os on a system with raid controller hardware, and two how to go about installing and configuring the Server, 2016. I have enrolled in an udemy course for the server but they are installing the software as a vm on a current system. I would like to install it as the main OS not as a VM.

The raid controller should have a setup that you’ll need to press a key when booting (usually after bios / uefi setup screen). Once the raid configuration is done then you should be able to reboot the server and then boot off of the bootable media and install as usual!