How do you help recommend potential buyers of hardware?

I will back up and coming… but until it proves itself out. It does not have a place.

Build with an eye on the future but have it solid today ?

I’m not comfortable recommending things I don’t have experience with. I also started to get tired of being the tech support person (unpaid) for family or friends just because I had some knowledge. Some help here and there is ok, but expecting help for every little problem asap left very little time for myself.

An example is getting a phone call to come check out their computer and finding out they have malware because they click on any link they get in email - after you’ve already warned them of possible problems with that behavior dozens of times (or more) and then getting mad because they’ve really borked things and decided not to do the backups you also recommended.

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For me its pure use case. For my current choice I’m just looking at hardware that I’ll be familiar with the drivers, in the case of AMD GPU’s and linux drivers, but if I did go to choose nvidia I want to slam into the cieling and get the best chip I can without paying 4000 dollars. And all in all, what will I be doing with this chip? Running some AI stuff, rendering video or TF2 or something in krita, and watching movies. So do I need the 1070? No, not really. Bit if its available fuck it.

Now a better example would be my mother. What does she need… KDE, youtube, Thunderbird. Alright then, where do we go from there. Welp, we don’t have money to really throw at some random laptop that will probably die in a month, and here I have a C2D dell business machine that is still kicking like a mule. Will that work until we have excess funds? Yup.

Kid needs a laptop. He’ll play minecraft and fortnight and watch youtube. Maybe he’ll learn coding, I dunno, and he’ll probably only be in windows. Needs to last 3-4 years at most. So, 600 dollar laptop with a Nvidia MX150 and an i5 will be top notch for that kid. Honestly, that’d be a good setup for anyone looking for an okayish machine that’ll do just about whatever.

You know what I’m not even a good example for shit because I think APU’s are amazing. So I dunno ignore mine?

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