How do you guys feel about Windows 10, willing to upgrade?

I personally feel like it was Windows 8 should have been given that, from the technical previews, seems to put productivity first opposed to the forced "metro" stuff were dealing with now (though I have seemed to get really used to it). I think I'll eventually upgrade anyways cause I like being on the bleeding edge :). As far as the entire "convergence" stuff Microsoft is trying to do, I'm not sure how well it will pay off any further than metro apps (which aren't supported as good as other platforms as it is).

I'll most likely run it on a VM or as dual boot for starters. Just until all driver issues has been sorted out. And I can get a feel of how invasive Cortana is.

I like that they listened to the community a little more and brought back the start menu. First thing I'd do is strip it down. i.e. Get rid of cortana and any other crap and disable anything unnecessary then probably chuck rainmeter on there. And then never use it for anything but gaming because its not going to top any of the other operating systems

Meh...I'll likely be sticking with Windows 8.1 for a while. Going to wait for reviews and for the OS to mature before jumping on that bandwagon.

Not really a problem with startisback or classic shell.

I just don't trust it. Seeing that we have a year. I am going to wait awhile to see what happens to everyone else jumping in


Seeing thats its free I and I love to live on the edge I think Ill take a plunge when It comes out.
Honestly I would have installed it already If It didnt mean that I would lose Win7 which I need to actually get it...
well I guess patience is a virtue.

I concur with @Willzar At the end its still using the exact framework and system as 8.1. Basically this is 8.2...ehhh 8+2 = 10!!! In all seriousness, it's using the same driver architecture as 8.1 so after it's released it should be just a quick and easy switch to 10. That's if they didn't screw anything up...i'll wait about a week before i jump ship and go 10 mainly to see if there's any fatal issues.

yeah ill upgrade.. its great because most schools can now upgrade there windows vista (i funny) computers and be up to date without paying a dime!
and for me... yeah ill upgrade but with this so called "siri" clone.. its gonna get hard to get a hang of it.. i feel like its gonna listen to everything i say ;-;

haha same

For me, will gladly put it in a VM. And then will move to Linux, and just run it permanently in a VM. Now just gotta get some new drives...

i think I will upgrade maybe not as soon as it comes out but it might be time to finally move away from windows 7. I don't think I will mind cortina if she has an off switch. Anyway whenever they end up releasing it I will probably upgrade.

I'll upgrade but hopefully it will be less buggy than the latest build. It was definately a rushed and 'throw something together' job for the conference.
I wish they would release a fixed build to tech preview. It's not like it would be a tricky task to sort out the search box and the notifications

Ive been using the preview, and might I say it is horrible! The wireless card doesn't work half the time. And certain programs that I use like Visual Studio 2013 just refuse to function correctly. Strange thing though, I have the preview on my dads computer as well, and he has yet to have any problems. All he does is check facebook and email though. So if you are looking to anything more than that, I would refrain from getting Win10. Switch to Linux like I did.

b-b-but my xp is running like a charm

That's true, but for some reason I always find myself back at stock stuff.

I'll upgrade within the first month its out, probably.
Reason being that I am still on Windows 7, and feel a bit left out by now. I also liked quite a few things I've heard about Windows 10, with the exception of Cortana.
I didn't switch to W8 since I disliked several things about it, but I don't have the same feeling with Windows 10.

I was running the Tech Preview as my daily driver to test it out and after the cortana update I uninstalled.
I am sure you can turn it off completely.
I hope...

I really wonder how long Microsoft is going to keep up with these Halo themed software names too. They have Cortana, Spartan, and I really wonder what the next would be if they continue the trend. Speaking of Cortana, right now I do really feel on the fence about it, but I felt the same way about Google Now before I gave in, but then again that is Google. Not sure how I feel about Microsoft after hearing the stuff about their conduct about internet services, a lot could be said about everyone else too, just haven't used Microsoft's cloud stuff for myself.

I feel you, I hate having some of the forced features here on 8, I really don't want to use OneDrive cause MEGA and Dropbox do everything I need. The only thing keeping me on Windows are games and the Adobe Software Suite, I run xubuntu on my work laptop I don't play games on.

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I'm just going to wait until my current install of WIndows decides to start falling apart before I decide to upgrade to 10. The question that'll be asked when I decide will probably be "How will all of the programs I currently use perform without needing much/any troubleshooting?" but DX12 is looking very promising though. I just upgraded to 8.1 from 7 last August, so running the "latest and greatest" isn't really my thing anyway.