How do you guys feel about using a surround sound set for pc speakers?

I am asking cause i have an Onkyo HT-R510 receiver and the speakers from an Onkyo HT-S680.

I am thinking of hooking it up to my new rig i am building in about 2 weeks.


Links to info on them.

Onkyo HT-R510:


Onkyo HT-S680:

i have a cheap walmart SS setup ive had for years hooked up to mine. if you can get the speakers set up properly and you can crank it up without pissing anyone off, its definitely awesome.

Honestly, for surround setups, headphones are better (IMO). I do use some speakers with my PC but I rarely use them, they are more for playing music while studying or if I'm playing a game where the sound doesn't really matter. Games like CIV or XCOM. 

But for a in home theater type environment, surround speakers all the way.  

I also have headphones(astro a40's i got at a pawn shop for $35 cause they broke one of my items),i plan to use headphones for gaming and when i am chatting with friends,and my surround sound for everything else.

Mainly because with me every headphones i have ever had gets uncomfortable after a while,some last longer than others,it's also because every headphones i have had before these astro's,have broken anywhere from 3 months later to a year later,one of them the speaker in the right ear went out,the rest always had the plastic right above the ear cup snap.


If you computer is in the same room as your home theater go for it. And also use HDMI so you can do video to a TV. There is Nothing like playing Bioshock on a big screen with surround sound.

It isn't great for competive games but for single player or split/shared screen it is awesome!

Just a thought, if you're particular about your sound being perfect you'll go insane trying to make sure all the speakers are at the same volume in relation to where you are.  So long as that doesn't bother you then sure, go for it.  It won't be super accurate, but it will be fun.

If you watch lots of movies and enjoy a "full sound" in a room, go for it. i had my bedroom set up with a cheap surround set as a teen and i still enjoy it. i moved and just use a old set of PC speakers now and i miss them.

Im using an Old Logitech 5.1 setup. works great although it's not very good for music, I would recommend having 2 large floorspeakers for music (2.0 sound) and three additional smaller ones when you are watching movies with surround sound. Sub is optional if you get decent floor speakers.

Surround Speakers make a ton of sense if you plan on couch gaming. If you have a real sub, not some "gaming" 3.5mm abomination, it destroys headphones in physical feedback. Play Just Cause 2 with a 15" sub and you will know what I mean, lol

i do indeed know what you mean. i have 2 full tower speakers with 15" subs that i use when i can crank it up.
i do recommend having a dac and an amp/ receiver for best results.