How do you feel about this?


Are you upset that GTA V isn't coming out for PC this year? If so, please tell how you feel about it!

I myself think it's only because they want to release a good port, we all remember GTA IV, how it ran on most systems. But please feel free to expose your feelings! GTA V is definitely one of the most anticipated titles of 2013!

Couldn't care less about GTA now, No point getting it on pc considering paint runs faster than it would on pc. And it didn't have cheats. I don't play GTA legit, the whole point to the game it to use cheats. Thats why they put them in there.

I think GTA5 and possibly Red Dead are coming to PC. There's every chance that GTA5 is being over-hyped, and we are not missing too much. If I remember correctly, GTA4 wasn't ported to PC immediately. Could be worth the wait.

I don't expect GTA V to be a good game.

GTA IV was thoroughly bad. Maybe it's just me but it just felt lifeless. SA and VC had a distinct atmosphere about them. I still remember a lot about their cities.

Rockstar is trying to make money. Most gamers are currently on consoles. That is where they plan to hit. It makes sense from a business stand point. They do plan to get it to pc eventually, but it isn't their main concern with GTAV. It might be a really good game, and maybe the game is really meant to be played without cheats. Maybe they changed some mechanics or the way that the whole game operates to make it more fun without cheats. Maybe they are trying to get away from the handholding mentality that games seem to have today, and want the gamers to be forced to do things themselves. I can't really say for sure how the whole thing will work or how good of a game it will be until I play it for myself.


As far as the pc version being released later than the console versions, I am just glad that they aren't forgetting the pc segment entirely. There are way too many console exclusive games, imo. It is in favor of marketting and getting the consoles sold to as many peopel as possible, but at the expense of the gamers. With almost everyone having a console these days, it is nice that Rockstar is still even considering us in the first place. It is frustrating that that is the nature of things, but that is just the way it is. I would much prefer for their to only be one console, and not have to worry about exclusives, but that would eliminate competition. I guess that we just can't have it all.