How do you deal with mouse cords?

So of course, cables from mice get stuck in places, or pull your mouse off the table or just cause friction with the table causing something that might be regarded as similar to "acceleration" or just different speeds of the mouse depending on what part of your table your mouse is on because of the friction.

I've read a lot of people talk about the mouse bungee from razer but some negative things I've also heard is how it has some sort of spring, that makes mouse movement not perfectly accurate either, although of course not getting stuck on things on your desk

Another thing is to just seletape parts of the cord into a "loop" on your desk so that you have enough space to move the mouse around and this is what I do, but the very top of the loop touches the monitor stand, which means it's harder to move the mouse around.

So what do you guys use and what do you think? I've been recently thinking that actually none of this really matters, as long as you get used to the so imperfections for example needing to apply more force on the mouse in places of friction.

To put things in perspective I'm a competitive tf2 player so maybe I'm thinking about this more than other people do or should XD


Like this:

Simple solution if you can get the cord not to fall off. I guess I'm just unlucky that there isn't anything that simple I can do :> ...

if you can get the cord not to fall off

Moving the part of the cord that goes above the monitor stand requires you to actually pull the cord. It's perfectly stable there. 

I guess I'm just unlucky that there isn't anything that simple I can do :> ...

Tape the cord the back of your monitor?

I have my mouse cord run through my cable organization rack under the desk, with a bit of slack hanging down and on top of the desk for flexibility.  I also generally wrap the area that makes contact with the corner of the desk in electrical tape.  Both to protect it from wear and to give it a smoother surface to rub against if it needs to (less resistance).  Works well for my purposes.  

Basically any way of keeping a bit of slack on top of your desk or reducing friction at the point of contact should work.

Yeah, I might try that, thanks for the advice

The tape makes sense, although probably wouldn't help with the whole monitor stand situation. Good advice though, I'll keep it in mind for the future