How do you convince your ISP to activate your modem?

I have RCN as an ISP, they are primarily on the east coast and provide a good bargain ($55 USD for 330/25) however they "require" me to use a modem they provide which is an Arris DG1670a.

I don't like how it performs

I would like to use my own modem which wouldn't have as many issues.

So my question to you guys who have successfully convinced your ISP to activate your own modem when your ISP states you need to be using theirs, how have you gone about allowing you to switch?

spoof mac address? that's not illegal right? xD

Are you having issues, modems will always have errors like that.

Having disconnects and notice the modem is constantly hot to the touch/overheating

What does the log look like?

Check the to see if the ISP supports the use of third party gateways, most have a list of units that are supported. If they don't then you are out of luck.

But can't I just try to give them the mac address of a different modem for them to activate to swap out this current modem?

I mean as long the modem has the specs/down/upchannels and is docsis 3 that is rated for the advertised speed or more than what exactly is the problem to getting it to work on the network?

It won't have there backdoor crap on it. but seriously. nothing

If they will let you do a customer owned modem go buy one that will run at your speeds and hook it up and then tell them to activate it. HOWEVER if they are one of those isp's that are like nope fuck you we do what we want you are SOL.

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I may be wrong but i think ISP run custom firmware on the units preventing you from doing so.
If you are having temperature problems i would suggest you place it on a cooling pad. ? is this a thing?

he has too high of service for that to work.

I see... well isnt that odd... wonder if there's a real reason behind the limitation

you could call them and tell them you want to activate their 3in1 thing and give the details for your modem?

They have all their mac address in a database they know it's not theirs

Something that's weird to me is that on the RCN site they mention that for their 330/25 connection plan, they require a minimum of a 16/4 down/up stream channel modem, but the modem they provided me is only using 2 upstream channels?

you could do the alternative and just try to make the best of what you have. like turn off the wireless/routing nonsense in the 3in1 and use your own equipment

I already turn off all of that an am already using a separate router.

The device in question is specifically the modem

EDIT: I've been doing this for over a year now and now I'm finally fed up

All you can do is call and request to activate your own. If they refuse to activate customer owned modems, there is nothing you can do. except request a new modem.

I understand what you're saying, but at the same time the whole reason why I am asking on this board specifically is because I was watching the tek syndicate one day and I forget which episode it was, but Logan was talking about how he was moving into a new house/area and was convincing his new ISP to use the modem he bought instead of the one they were pushing on him.

And they kept insisting Logan to use their given modem and that was the only one allowed and eventually Logan convinced them to use his own modem some how or another. I'm interested in how he did that

I researched what modems were on their approved list, read customer reviews (which usually detailed their activation experiences) bought the modem, and crossed my fingers when I called. At least that's how it works with Comcast. It's a crapshoot though.

Judging from the link @Deathright82 posted, you can buy the 3-in-1 model specified, if your tier of service is too high. I'd still have my own router though. I wouldn't trust the cable company to not mess with it.

Most isps dont allow you to use third party modems on their network.
This is because their own modem gets a customized firmware, that can be updated and readed out by them.
The reason why they do this, is mainaly because wenn there are any problems, they can readout your modem, and do some diagnostics.
So its mainaly because of support.
Also wenn they roll out new services, they can easaly update the firmware of your modem, making those things work.
With third party modem / routers, they cannot offer any support.
And wenn there are any problems, they cannot help you.
Thats mainaly why they dont allow users to use their own modem routers.

What you could do, is switching the current Arris into bridge mode.
And then buy your own router, for handling internal traffic.
Bridge mode basicly disables the router function of the modem, making it a dumb modem basicly.
I also had a Arris in the past, not sure if it had a bridged mode switch.
But i do think so.
You could ask your isp aswell.

You could try to convice your isp, but i think 8 out of 10 would refuse it.