How do you choose your parts?

Dear Tek Syndicate team,

What is it that you look for when you choose the parts for your personal computers? Do you look for just raw performance or do you have a set of other factors that you take into account?

These are the steps i took when building my gaming rig. Turned out great :) 


I chose my case mainly based on estetics, but i do faktor in reviews.

GPU and CPU are chosen based on performance and what part feels right,

Ram choice is based on the brand. Most ram has the same specs.

Dont know a lot about motherboards. Went for a nice looking board ^^ 

Storage is very personal, went with an SSD since i have a large external drive.

power supply is chosen based on future plans.


For me, it's almost entirely price/performance. As much as I'd like to design my build around asthetics, I just don't have the disposable income. Not that I've created some terrible looking monstrosity, my build looks alright, but it's no work of art like the machines of some others on this forum.

Personally, for my main system, I could care less about price/performance - I look for quality, aesthetics, and raw performance above everything else. When dealing with a set budget, though, it is all about bang for your buck - kick as much badonkadonk as possible for as little as possible.

I personally like a blend of raw performance and aesthetics while still being reasonably quiet and fitting within my budget.

Nice case. I hate windows (in the side of the case, had to specify). After watching the Asus Motherboards videos I was impressed by FanXpert and some of the other features so I would likely go that route. After that Price per performance or spring for an extra feature if I think it would help. I might spend more on a corsair power supply (RM850? The one that doesn't need fans under 40% load? Recent vid...). After that everything goes in a black case and the side goes on and I couldn't care more what the inside looks like.

*Disclaimer: I build PC's on newegg and then wish I had money to buy them. <Sadness>

EDIT: My solution for fan noise is BASS. The Corsair power supply would be nice if I didn't like my boot time. Because it would be quiet when sleeping.