How do these processors stack up against each other

Celeron released this year:

5 year old i5:

I'm looking to replace my very heavy laptop with something lighter, but I want to get as close to my old laptop's performance as possible (it still holds up fairly well after 5 years)

I mean honestly the celeron is much faster. though what is it you're looking for in a laptop? and at what price range. there's a lot of things you can get now. especially with the rise of tablets / laptop hybrids.

$400 Canadian, I'm looking into the laptops that bend back into tablets (not the ones that straight up detach). I'm also looking for good battery and low weight (my current laptop is over 6 pounds). I'm probably not gaming anymore than something like FTL so the GPU isn't a concern.
I've seen this:
and this so far:

Edit: I'm going to university soon and want something i can carry around to classes and that'll last me the day.

I'd go with the ASUS model just for the feature set alone.