How do these compare? (AMD)

I am making a new build and i have found an XFX DD 7950 at 800mhz, i know this is a beast of a card for gaming and which is what am going to do. How is 7870 clocked at 1000mhz going to compare to 7950 at 800mhz, If i get an 7870 i would be able to get an SSD but i don't wanna compromise the Gaming because i want 4/5 sec boot time.


What are the diffrances in 7870 1000mhz and 7950 800mhz?

If you can afford the 7950, go for it. The Tahiti is better than the Pitcairn. Their difference in clock speed doesn't matter really. You could go and grab the SSD later. But if you want to save a teensy bit of money, go for a 7870 XT. It's a 7800 series, with a Tahiti LE. Better than the original 7870, slightly worse than 7850.

A stock 7950 kills a 1GHz 7870, still, but the 7870 will still get you a framerate of 60+ on most games. I personally do not think that SSDs are that great, mostly because they do not off performance boosts for games and are expensive. I say go with a 7870, save yourself some money. If you use your computer more of other stuff than gaming grab an SSD, otherwise use the money you have left over for more games.


right thanks guys, always thought the Mhz/Ghz matterd in buying an GPU

The speed matters when comparing the same card. The high speed the more performence, but if they are different GPUs core speed does not have the same weight. A titan is better than a 680 or 7970, but has the lowest stock clock of the three.

clock speeds arent that inportant in the first place about how a card performs, the amough of stream processors do.  the 7950 is the best choice, it just perfoming better then a 7870 GHZ edition or a 7870XT the XT performs between a normal 7870 and a 7950, but if you gonne look to the stream processors then you know wich card gonne perform better. ofc you can overclock a 7870xt that makes it perform very close to a stock 7950 but ofc you can easy oc a 7950 too, if you can afford it just go for a 7950.