How do the 6000 series of apus compare to current consoles?

I've got a friend who is trying to build a low end/budget gaming pc for skyrim and borderlands 2 at 720p. I got a parts list together and it came out to $250, it has a 6400k for the apu. How would that one preform compared to a 360? The budget is upto $300 so she should be able to get the 5800k instead, which I've seen preform better than the 360, but she wants to keep it as low cost as possible, so if the 6400k will do the job thats probably what she'll end up with because college bills. 

A girl? Put in the extra $500 from your wallet and put together a proper build ;)

i won't reccomend a a6, i'd get atleast an a8 if you want to save costs as much as possible

The performance gap between the a6 and a8 is pretty big since the a6 is dual and a8 quad core. So I agree with overlordnick to get at least an a8.

I'll see what I can do

I think the performance difference from a 6400K and a 5600K is enough to spend the extra cash.

Total After MIR:$296.17


At 300 She could get a A10, The a10 will absolutely RAPE the 360. Especially scince the 360 is 7 years old.