How do Meze 11 Classics compare?

How are Meze 11 Classics compared to other earbuds? Are they they worth $80?

They sound very good for earbuds. I wouldn't buy them though (even though I did, I did it before the big crapstorm about them being rebrands) They're just re-branded Chinese earbuds, like all the other Meze products. You can get the exact same product without the Meze branding for around $20 I believe.

Not certain on the pricing and I don't remember the brand, but if you're thinking of getting Meze, skip them and get the Chinese branded ones for much less.

Sound wise they are very nice though, I've tried quite a few different brands of earbuds and these are the only ones I've really liked the sound of.


No, hell no. Like the guy above me said, it's just a re-branded Chinese clone. I get about 1-2 emails a week from companies who want me to do this exact same thing... :rollseyes: