How do I uninstall the GPU the correct Way?

Hey Guys, sorry for this stupid question, (I'm new at computers) but how do I uninstall my primary GPU for my New GPU, the GTX 660 I ordered arriving this week? Do I uninstall all drivers from the computer and just plug in my new graphics card, or do I leave the drivers installed and just plug it in? 

Any Help Appreciated. Thanks

PS, do you need two Blue slots on the motherboard to do a SLI bridge between two GPUS? Mine only has one Blue slot for a graphics card.

You should uninstall the drivers then remove it so it doesnt mess with your OS but you dont always have to, ive done it both ways but it is better to just uninstall them as you should install the new drivers for your new card ayways. for the slotting it depends on the board, as long as you have 2 PCI-e slots that can function at the same time you can do it. and just call it SLI, the bridge is the hard ware to do it. this may help with your questions as well.

Dude I watched the video, and it explained everything. I opened up my computer and found out I only have 1 Pci-e slots. I'll have to upgrade my motherboard later on if i want to add another graphics card :( 

I'll uninstall all drivers to give the new card a fresh start like you said. Thanks alot Hades, your a lifesaver.

no problem. just helping others like others helped me when i started off. let me know how it goes and if you run into any problems just bring it up in another topic or in here and someone will help you with it. best of luck.

Just follow the guide, it's quick and easy.