How do i turn off the annoying change windows color scheme warning. WIN7

How do i turn off the Change Windows color scheme to basic message in Windows 7

Note: I have already tried turning off the Windows Troubleshooting box in action center like this.

I have a GTX 1080 running one 4K display, one 1440p 144hz screen and a 1080p screen as well
And the message pops up when playing Overwatch tabing me out of fullscreen and yes i want to play in fullscreen.

Note: Yes i just got the 1440p 144hz panel.

Thanks in advance

Did you try this?


click dont show message again?

Doesn't work keeps popping up for the same application namely Overwatch

You can switch off Aero and just use basic color sheme as default.
its on the same screen where you background and colors.

Also because this is they internet: Switch to Linux that will solve the issue too :p

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