How do I take away black bars in skyrim ENB?

Im using project enb cinematic winter on skyrim. but the black bars are really annoying. how do I take these away in the config??

Think they call it letter box mode. It's a setting somewhere. Sorry I can't help much further, I only use ENBBoost.

owwww :(

You can bring up the ingame ENB configuration tool with Right-Shift and Ctrl or Enter. I can't specifically remember, I kept hitting it by accident :)

ye I was looking in there but I still could not find the letterbox mode setting... :(

Have a look in the enbeffect.fx file, its around somewhere, may be in a ENB folder. Anyway I think it should mention letterbox function in there.

nope :( not working!!

Answer to the title: Integration.

Answer to the OP: I don't know.