How do I steal HTML and CSS idea's using F12?

Recently got a good handle on HTML and CSS and have seen a lot of things, also on the new Tek Syndicate forum) that I would like to able to implement in my projects. For instance the highlight/quote mechanism in the new Tek Syndicate forum.

On a few occasions I have tried to figure out how such functionalities worked, however some are harder to figure out and I have used F12 to view some of the code written. But sometimes what I am looking for does not seem to be there.

Is there a way to use F12 in Firefox more effectively? Is there a better for such things?


HTML and CSS basically give the page its layout and design. Things like the highligh/quote mechanism are done in javascript and PHP.

Is there a way to view the code of the PHP and Javascript?

The javascript yes but the php not so much. I'm not sure how well you know javascript but they have probably used some witchcraft with jquery and ajax. I haven't actually looked but thats what i normally use.

Chromes inspector is quite good, I can't stand using firebug...

Try using firebug or firePHP, they are extensions for firefox.

Thank you I will look into it!