How do i solved my "nvidia drivers stopped working and has recovered" problem?

ASUS GeForce GTX 780 STRIX 6 GB Graphics Card

When ever i am playing a game, sometime the game terminates and I get the display error or the computer hang up and i hve to hit restart.

WIndows 8.1

A10-7850 APU

8GB DDR3 Ram

120 ssd

750w psu

gigabyte f2a88xn-wifi Motherboard

Try re-installing drivers. Check your mobo drivers as well. I had weird audio drop-outs on my asus board before I finally found a decent driver that also helped my 'bad overclocks' on my gpu's. 

Ok will try that.

I came here thinking you'd found a solution and wanted to share it.  You should have named the thread "How do I solve" instead of "How did I solved"

I solved it though.