How do I sign into windows 10 automatically?

I hate windows so much. How do I sign into windows 10 automatically? I need it to boot without prompting for a password. In netplwiz there is no tick to remove (like all google results say to do) There is only one user, me, and is administrator. Also there is no default username/password key in the other way I found to do it (regedit)

Instead of circumventing security measures you could just get a web camera that supports Windows Hello do that when ever you get in front of your computer it signs you in?

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Add a new user, without a password.


They are legitimate purpose
For example I enabled this on my “cloud gaming box” in order to automatically go from a power down state, to a running windows with steam streaming and nvidia gamestream running with a simple WOL.

Did it under windows 8, not planing to upgrade for now but will have to soon-enought.

Run-> netplwiz -> uncheck “Users must enter…”

control userpasswords2 should work too

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Microsoft requires users to log in with a Microsoft account during the setup. To circumvent that, you need to disconnect from the internet during the initial setup, choose sign in with a local account and boom!
Local accounts don’t require passwords.

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Using my face to log into an app/os breaches my personal security.

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This is not true. You can use a local account during setup, unless something changed with the 20H2 update.

fair enough.

I’m just trying to provide suggestions that won’t compromise the integrity of your system.

Just figured it out. Reset your password, and leave the new password fields blank. It boots right into windows now.

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Open the “User Accounts” window, and uncheck the “Require username and password” checkbox and click apply

This. For when you need to simply fire up hands free and know that whatever you’ve set to run on boot, will.

Lately I believe you have to disable Windows Hello to get netplwiz to show the correct dialog.

literally all you have to do is unplug your ethernet to circumvent this.