How do I setup a small LAN party?

I'm just looking to set up a pc LAN party of 12 of my friends...what's a list of things  I'll need? 

Also were gonna make it a weekly so anything at all like a mini fridge will go on the list

1.A sufficiant source of power.

2.Good enough network equipment.

3.Food and drinks.

4.Some sort of air conditioner or fan to keep the room cool.

5.(OPTIONAL)Some sort of server to share files/host game servers on.

Greatest lan party ever ^

A switch is useful or a HUB, I personally like the switch better. And lotsof space

A router for DHCP, or you can set static IP addresses, I would recommend a dedicated server for files and a game, would help to have 2 seperate to keep the load down. Food/Drinks, Lots of power strips (no daisy chainging), Tables, chairs (unless people already bring their chairs) 16 port switch and that is about it