How do I setup a 2nd SSD as a cache drive?

I currently have a Samsung 840 250GB SSD and curious about adding a cheap Vertex drive I have spare as a cache drive. Is this as simple as connecting and setting up in the Intel controller software and RAID in the BIOS?

Is it even worth doing? (kinda thinking not)

I'm pretty sure it is'nt worth it, at least not for caching the ssd... Maybe for a mechanical drive you also have in your system. But if I'm not mistaken, I think the standard  intel srt method does funky with two ssd's connected. I wouldn't do it :D

Thanks for the reply and I think your right - I guess I would be better off with 2 x Samsung 840 in RAID 1+0

For a raid 1+0 (or raid 10) you will need 4 drives.... since you need 2 for each raid 0 and then that twice to accomplish raid 1.

And keep in mind you will have to reinstall when going raid. ;)

Thanks given that I have no useful data on the main SSD drive I could go for RAID 0 mirroring for performance. All my data is on a NAS

Thanks for your help.

No problem, raid 0 ruuuulez! :D

It will only really help performace of a mechanical drive.  If you have a intel board and are using intel smart response you intall the sofware and drive.  Then use a tool such as raid fix which tricks windows into letting you use raid then you restart and enable raid in the bios.  I did this about a week ago on my pc and it works great.