How do I run 3 monitors with a 6870?

I'm trying to run 3 monitors (not in eyefinity), I have 2 1080p's and 1 1680x1050 monitors. My card is the XFX 6870. What config of cables do I need? I have a mini display to HDMI that says it supports up to 1920x1200.

What I use to use for my 5850 was both DVI's and the display port with a active adapter but that doesn't seem to work anymore.


EDIT: Oh another thing is the the 3rd monitor thats using the mini display to HDMI will work if I disable one of my others. So its just a matter of getting all of them to work at once.

If I remember correctly when setting up a 3 monitor set up with the xfx 6870 was that only two of the ports work unless eyefinity is enabled. What OS are you using? Im assuming windows 7

I believe that you can only use Eyefinity with this particular card if one of the monitors are NATIVELY mini DP.

That cable setup should work, but I didn't think you could run 3 or more monitors without Eyefinity. Try right-clicking on the desktop and selecting Catalyst Control Panel or whatever your graphics card uses, and going onto 'Desktop Management' > 'Creating and Arranging Desktops', then grouping and configuring them to work.