How do I reset skyrim to it's unmodded State

I installed a mod off the nexus before I was using mod manager and I tried the mod and I hated it so now I want to uninstall it and I can't find the files so I tried deleting the local content but that did nothing but waste 4 hours reinstalling skyrim so if it's not to much trouble how do I reset skyrim to it's unmodded version P.S. I have the steam version

Well I had this problem with fallout 3 a while ago when you delete local content you only delet the files steam installs not the entire directory.. The only way I could find to get around it was to uninstall by deleting local content then deleting the skyrim folder under the steam directory.

computer>Local Disk (C:)>Program Files(x86)>Steam>steamapps>common>skyrim 

You're probably safest deleting everything inside this folder then validating the steam cache and letting it redownload. 

The other method you could use is to redownload the mod you dislike and unpack it. Then manually go into the directory and delete all the files in the mod folder. This would mean you didn't have to redownload it.

Another thhing which might be causing it is if the mod files have been saved to the steam cloud in which case you'll have to do the second method (I'm fairly certain that it doesn't save mod data to the steam cloud so you should be alright.)

Depending on the nature of the mod it may have modified some files in your:

Libraries>Documents>My Games>Skyrim 

Directory but this is a very small number of mods and probably isn't needed. Also just bear in mind that both the file paths are on a 64bit Win7 OS so they'll be different if you have 32bit or are using XP.