How do I read my AMD A10 6800k core temperatures properly?

To read my temperatures I use HWmonitor and AMD Overdrive. Because according to many websites they should be the most accurate ones.

HWmonitor shows me 2 temperatures which are related to cpu. Those temperatures are: CPUTIN (under the motherboard info) and the Package temperature(under the processor info). So the CPUTIN should be the cpu socket temperature, which does not represent accurate core temperature and the package temperature which I am not sure of. Package temperature dances around 50C when idle and maxes out somewhere around 80-89 when gaming and stress testing. When I had my cpu in 4.4ghz it maxed out to 90-140C. So I suppose this is not core temp since the 6800k shutsdown at a 120C and throttles hard after 70C. Am i right? And when I ran cpu stress test the package temperature at 4.1ghz was about 89C and i didnt notice any throttling.

And then we come to the AMD overdrives Thermal Margin which shows how far you are from Max temperature of your processor. This temperature goes somewhere at 30C when Stress testing at 4.1ghz and at 19-21C when at 4.4ghz. Is this ok? And if 6800k Tjmax is 70-74C The 0C Thermal Margin would mean that your cpu is at 70C or more. Am I right?


I hope you can understand my bad english and I apologize about that in advance.

Thank you!


I have found at least on my motherboard the actual CPU core sensor is listed as TMPIN2 on the motherboard section of the HWMonitor. Hope this info helps you track down CPUs temperature

Kiaxa thank you for your answer. But unfortunately it didnt help me. HWmonitor doesent show me sensor named TMPIN2. Only active sensors in HWmonitor for motherboard and cpu are the SYSTIN (System temperature), CPUTIN and the Package. There are two unactive sensors listed in motherboard section. AUXTIN which shows constant 28C temperature(except when i turn HWmonitor on Min is 27C) and TMPIN3 which shows constant 40C.

Try putting some stress on the CPU and watch the temps, if one those temperatures suddenly spike when the CPU gets a load, that is more than likely your core CPU temperature

Also have you tried to check what your CPU temperature is in Asrock's extreme tuning utility

They are not reacting to heavy load. Tried with Prime95 and still the same temps and the ASRocks extreme tuning utility shows same cpu temperatures as HWmonitor

I think i found what i was looking for.

this article explains the Thermal Margin in AMD Overdrive and if i understood it right it should be safe to run the system if the Thermal Margin is over 0C. Can you confirm this? Im thinking that i should leave atleast 10C headroom to 0 though.

I have a Gigabyte Motherboard and the CPU temps are not accurate through HW Monitor, using the motherboard utility Easy Tune 6 I get my fairly accurate temps. I am assuming OC Tuner is AsRock's motherboard utility LINK

I'm partial to for monitoring core temps, usage and ram usage. They have a few small apps for monitoring your system, There is NZXT's CAM 

I have ASRocks own oc software and it shows same CPU temperatures as HWmonitor. But thank you for your answer!


I tried CAM once but it showed me some weird temperatures from -20 to 100C so yeah. Thank you for your answer still.