How do I put this thing on?

Please don't tell me I have to take my motherboard back out ;-;

Yeah you need to take the mobo out, put the shield in from the inside then re-install the motherboard. You could try to get it in from the inside with the motherboard in but no guarantees that it's possible or can happen without bending the shield.   

yep, you install that BEFORE you put your mobo in. 

Hehe. Take that motherboard out!  Don't beat yourself up too much!  I made that same mistake!  But thing is, I had a motherboard, a Corsair H100i crammed into a Fractal design Define R4 so I had to take out the cooler, unplug all the wires, just to discover there's a stubborn standoff that was stuck to the motherboard. Then plug everything in.  It wasn't fun, But you have to do what you have to do. 


I made the same mistake too, you need to put that on before putting the motherboard in, the worst part was that mine did not fit the case (I have no idea, if that should be even possible), hope that doesn't happen to you! :P