How do I overclock my 1-5 CPU?

ive had my computer for a while now and cant find any info on how to overclock a cpu.



My specs:

Mobo: AsRock z77 extreme 4

Graphics: HIS Radeon hd 7700

CPU: intel i5-3570K @3.40ghz

RAM: Cruicaial Ballisitx (do not know what Speed) 8 gbs

Case: a Thermal take, dont know what model.

i have the fan heatsink that comes with the cpu on it as well as a fan on top of my case and a fan to the right of the cpu.   

P.S dont know wheere to be posting this question if i messed up sorry ;(

You'd have to be insane to overclock with a stock cooler. Furthermore, I would have to go a lot more in depth than I can on a simple forum post to guide you to a nice, stable overclock

aww poop ;(


Like william said, overclocking with the stock cooler is a bad idea. At the minimum you will need something like a Cooler Master Hyper 212. 

Also overclocking will void your warranty because you run the CPU out of spec. I reccomend you get the Intel Performance Tuning Protection Plan, it is a great deal!

-fishymamba Intel Response Team

Yes, minimum is a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO, but it still gets pretty warm even with a modest overclock. I'm at 4.4ghz @ 1.29v and my idle temp is mid to high 30's. Load temps is mid to high 50's.

I'd definitely save up for something better if I were you.

You don't need to go into depth to explain OCing, unless you want to explain the history of voltage reqs, TJ maxes, and most common OCs since 1985.

No, what you need is a decent CPU cooler. 1.3V is more than enough for 4.6gHz on a bad chip, and a Xigmatek Dark Knight II is plenty for 4.6gHz.

What is 1-5?


Just overclock it with stock cpu cooler.

Im curious what will happen :D

You'll risk burning your chip out, frying your CPU socket, and damaging much more than just your mobo + CPU.

Shhhhh be quiet,he dosen't need to know that ;)

His stock cooler could probably handle a very small overclock of 4ghz. The i5 stock coolers aren't complete cr*p.

4gHz, maybe, but not much, if any higher. Really, the thermal mass of the stock coolers just can't handle anything higher unless you have an amazing chip.

Probably his best option until new heatsink is acquired.