How do I make a shortcut open 2 programs without using a batch file?

Someone on stackoverflow showed me how a few years ago and I can’t find the post. Basically the shortcut itself works like a batch file.

It’s Right-Click > New > Shortcut then you enter a script/string directly in the “Type location of the item:” text box, I can’t remember what the syntax was.

I found it, but I had a more complex one, I just want to start two programs normally. Not sure how to modify it.

%ComSpec% /Q /D /C Start "" "%ProgramFiles%\pia_manager\pia_manager.exe" 2>Nul && (Timeout 15 /NoBreak>Nul&Start "" "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Vuze\Azureus.exe" 2>Nul)

Perhaps I am missing something, but can’t you just replace the paths to the those .exes with the paths to the .exes that you want to run?

Yes basically, but I want to remove the delayed start, not sure what to remove without breaking the script.

%ComSpec% /Q /D /C Start "" "%ProgramFiles%\pia_manager\pia_manager.exe" 2>Nul && Start "" "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Vuze\Azureus.exe" 2>Nul


I don’t understand what you gain with this that a batch file or a powershell would not give you?

This is faster. I want to learn how to make them on the fly, batch files have to be stored somewhere.

…Shortcuts are basically fancy bash scripts and they still have to be stored somewhere, too, you know O.o

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