How do I know if my screen supports 120 Hz

Hi Logan Wendell Qain or Pistol, I have a laptop it's an ASUS ROG G53SX DH71 and recently I found out that in the Nvidia Control Panel I can add a custom resolution 1920 x 1080 @ 120 Hz It seemed like the screen actually would configure correctly and ran at 120 Hz. Now is there a way to test or to know for certain that the screen can keep working at 120 Hz? I looked at the user manual and said nothing about it. My major concern it's because by default it runs at 60 Hz and every other resolution by default was set at 60 Hz. So I wanna be sure the screen wouldn't burn or stop working after a week or so :P


Right click on your desktop then click screen resolution page. Click advanced settings. Click the monitor tab. It will then show you the refresh rate... that should work?

120 Hz appeared when I added the custom resolution at the Nvidia Control Panel, not before