How do i install msi drivers without disk drive

i just finished my first build and have windows on it and its working and whatnot.

Im pretty sure that i need to install my drivers for my motherboard before i can connect to the internet (with ethernet) but i donot have a disk drive at all and the drivers came on a disk.

What should i do?

My Mobo:

How are you accessing the internet right now? Do you have a usb key?

im on my laptop which has a broken disk drive

I dont quite understand why, but they dont have it on there website. But they have this:

Which is an FM1 board, but it looks exactly the same (exactly!) and has a similar name. So go to downloads, and try those drivers. Once you get internet I would contact MSI about getting proper drivers though.

lol i was wondering if i was just mad when i couldent find them on msi's site lol.  it seems odd to me why there are none there.  i am going to try these thanks for the help :P

Np, anytime

it also seems odd to me why motherboard makers dont invest in a disposable flash drive or whatever to give their drivers on.  seeing as disk drives are not included in many builds these days.

I have a external one for just this problem. When you build a fair amount of computers, it comes in real handy. And with sales, you can get them for 10 bucks. Saves the hassle I find.

yeah ill think about investing in one this file is taking forever to load