How do I install GTA 5 on linux mint

hi I have been a Linux user for a few months now but one of the only things I haven’t been able to get working is GTA 5. I have the social club version so steam proton is useless to me. any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m running r3 2200g, rx570 Linux mint 19 (I think).

This should sort you out

I’ve tried that but for some reason it just didn’t install any files

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but you know that “doesn’t work” is not a valid error description right? You didn’t even specify how you installed it or what you tried so far. How’s anyone supposed to help with that?

Unfortunately my crystal ball is broken, so this’ll have to do.

Go through that.

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Hi, I have been using Linux for a while though recently I thought I would get back into GTA I haven’t been able to get it to install. I would go through the social club install method through lutris but it would appear to somewhat install but no independent rockstar files. Being it would fail to have any .exe’s created before the install was over. I believe that this issue was caused by the new update requiring to use a new launcher. the install would create some files such as the standard drive c folder and such but no files made by rockstar. I am running an r3 2200g and an rx570. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if there is a better place to post thisGTA%20Linux

Hi, I have been on linux for a few months now and I have finally decided to get back into one of the games that I played at the start of this year. GTA 5, and I for some reason got it on the social club so no steam proton for me. I would go to install on lutris using the social club version and everything would go fine until no rockstar window launched and it turns out that nothing had downloaded. Any help would be great. BTW I am running an r3 2200g and an rx570 on Linux mint 19. sorry if this is the wrong place for this please reply with any further info you need thanks.

We could still kinda use those logs… since it’s doing something, it would be helpful to know what exactly it’s doing. Go through the link above to enable logging.

Since logs tend to be pretty long, when starting Lutris after enabling logging, you can do it with lutris -d > ~/lutris.log to get a log file into your home directory.

Use lutris.