How do I get started?

I wouldn't say I'm a tech noob and is usually more knowledgable than most people in technology, but every time I try to study more about technology or etc. I always face jargon and discouragement in general? What do you think is a good place to get started? Like a book or perhaps just a starting point.

I can do some easy programming up to some really basic guis and I can do a bit of Java, HTML, Python, C++, and Javascript.

I am trying to learn about UNIX programming and my goal is to try and work on open source projects in my free time because I am always impressed at the work the people do for others and I always wanted to do the same.

I am (shamefully) running a mac because my school requires it.

Any thoughts or comments are appreciated :)

I find myself in the same situation some times
I just think that the best you can do is watch tech shows and stuff and when reading or following a book if there is something you dont uderstand just google it, all the info you need is out there

Here is a list of free programming books:

If you're interested in understanding UNIX and programming in UNIX in that list there are a lot of books about UNIX (just CTRL+F and search UNIX) and even about Linux programming.

Thanks for the information I will start to read about UNIX programming right now :)