How do I get Sierra ISO from my macbook?

How do I get Sierra ISO from my macbook? I need it for VirtualBox. If there is a way to get it downloaded to my macbook via the app store that would be great.

Download it from the App Store.

Then this or something like this.

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Another question, how do I get this iso to install in virtual box. It does work by mounting it for myself. I don’t want to use the pre setup virtualbox disk drives with sierra because I am paranoid it might not be safe.

you can mount .iso files as the virtual DVD drive for your VM.

There’s a good chance youll need to do some hackintosh work to get it to boot. Remember, OSX is designed to natively support only a limited number of hardware.

Alternatively, you can create a bootable USB installer of osx, plug it into machine with vbox then use USB passthrough to mount it in the vm

Would that Hackintosh stuff be true even if it’s for a Macbook?

hackintosh only applies to non-apple computers really.

So then why assume Hackintosh?

Because apple doesn’t sell virtual machines? So by definition any vm is a hackintosh.

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That’s very confusing.

Perhaps this simplifies things:

A VM is emulating hardware. The hardware it’s emulating is not the set of parts Apple uses to build its machines, so requires extra measures to boot.