How do I get Red Hat 7 or Cent or Fedora guest to use 3D support in VMware

Hey guys,

I am so confused on how to get my Red Hat 7 to run in guest in Vmware workstation 12.5 to use 3D acceleration. I am using Windows 10 Enterprise x64 as the host with Red Hat as the guest. I can install the VM’s just fine and install VMware tools and update everything using yum update. But I cna’t get it to enable OpenGL.
My system is a Asus X99-WS E workstation, 64 GB DDR 4 RAM, Nvidia Ge Force 1080 TI.

I keep finding a guide on something called Mesa graphics and I follow it but it does not seem to work for me.

Is there a guide out there for how to get 3D support enabled in Linux as guest with Windows 10 being the host using Vmware workstation 12?

Thank you for reading this.

Honestly, you’re unlikely to find much on VMware Workstation in the way of help documents. Even VMware doesn’t really support it. They basically will offer you an upgrade to a different software for some large sum of money (Where they will also charge you $250 per incident to help you). I was hoping you were using ESXi upon reading the topic title, but I’m pretty unfamiliar with Workstation.

Here are the steps for the Pro version of Workstation, but I’m doubtful that they are the same for your version: