How do I get different audio playing through the speakers and headphones

So I've got a dual monitor setup, and usually my gf watches tv shows on one screen while I play games or do w/e on the other.

I want to be able to watch tutorial vids on programming at the same time but I don't know what I should be searching for...


Basically i want to be able to have a tv show (through VLC) playing on my speakers and also a youtube video (Chrome) playing through the headphone jack on the front of the computer.


I'm running windows 8.1.


Any help would be appreciated :).

You might need a second audio card, although i'm even sure then that that'd work.


What I do knwo from experience is that for music production I have a pre amp for plugging my guitar nd mic into the pc (it's basically an external sound card) nd it has it's own speaker ports on the back, but it also plugs into the pc via usb, and I can play different sound from the same pc out each system, but that's with a music program the selects the right sound card driver, so yeah.

I'm not sure if chrome or vlc have the ability to chose audio drivers or if you can chose audio drivers for the by right clicking on the little speaker on the system tray and clicking "open volume mixer" or not, but you may be able to.

That wouldn't work for me, I want to output 2 different sounds to 2 different outputs.


Thanks for the reply anyway :)