How do I edit the UEFI shell file startup.nsh?

How can I edit that file so that it points to fs0:\efi\boot\bootx64.efi?

The following is just for Win10.
Starting Linux with the UEFI shell is more complicated.
I haven’t found a good tutorial about the startup.nsh file structure.
Maybe try batch file syntax?

You just put the code above in the directory: fs0:\efi\boot\
You can navigate there like:

cd efi
cd boot
edit startup.nsh

If that directory structure isn’t there, try the other fs1 to fs? .
Yes, the UEFI shell has some things built in:
help -b
shows all the things that are built in.

Hope that helps some people.

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Am I correct to assume that modification of startup.nsh is solely possible via the *EFI shell?

Additionally, is your post a summarization of stackoverflow/a/71408163?