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How do i create a .scs file?

According to SCS .scs files are just zip files with store compression. I need that because Euro Truck Simulator 2’s editor is windows only and also only accepts zip option with store compression. then I freely rename them to .scs and the editor loads. but when I was on Linux I tried ever zip program possible and made sure I had no compression but I get “map failed to load” error. I’m currently on Windows and will be getting a new laptop tomorrow in which I want to install Linux. Any tips?

You’d only ever use Store compression within a zip (or any archive format for that matter), when the original data is already compressed.

Have you tried to unzip an scs file which loads into the editor OK and looked to see what the files inside it looked like? Have you then tried zipping these files back up using your own “Store level zip” command and trying to load the resulting file?

If it is a rar or winzip, just change it to scs. Thats it… They are almost the same file with different names. So you can change them with no problem… 7zip is a little different critter… Usually 7zip is an file in side that zip. So you have to unzip it with 7zip to get at it…But some time it is a file that is archive with 7zip…