How do I choose/find a career in computers?

I love everything about computers. Huge gamer, tried some scripting, tried some 3d modeling with blender, map making in source SDK, although I am fairly new to each of those, I really do like it all. So I am fairly young and only recently was linked to tek syndicate through 4chan and watched a ton of videos. What exactly should I aim for? I assume there is no way to do them all (but hell if there is, its news to me). I have basically a unlimited amount of free time and a great customized rig.

I think it is about time I play less and do more. The main thing that made me post here was one of you in a video say "If you dont know what to do with your life, come on over". So yeah, freshman in high school looking to get started. Also if a thread like this already exists or is in the wrong forum, please link me so I can simply take this one down.



I'm 15, in the exact same situation, and I feel the exact same way. I've been jumping around doing IT for small businesses (networking, building NAS boxes, etc) but like you, I want to do more.

Damn son, how can I get a job like that? Summertime and might as well.

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