How do I choose a wireless adapter to connect to a cantenna from my PC?

Hey geeks!

I don't do a lot of projects, but a cantenna is one of many things I've promised myself I would get off my ass and do. I'm asking you, my fellow Tekkies, to help me get this off the ground.

I need some shopping advice... you know, how to find thew right components.

My first concern is how do I know if I have the right wireless adapter? Currently, I have none. But what should I look at? PCI express? USB 3?

And second how do I connect the adapter to the can? Obviously, with a cable, don't insult my intelligence. But what sort of output thingy should be on my adapter and what kind of cable should go from the adapter to the can?

I'll answer my own question... It looks like ANY wireless adapter is sufficient as long as it has an antenna that screws off. So, I've gone ahead and bought this sexy PCI card for my PC.

So, has anyone here built one of these things? I'd like to know what challenges I may be facing. What would you wish you had known when you started making yours? 

I've seen one guy do it and it was not effective.  Good luck, though.

I saw ONE GUY used Cantenna!


It was super effective!

Then why ask here.  Replicate what you apparently saw!  That is the obvious answer to your question.

All I saw was a cord going into a can and him showing me how he got a strong connection from a library down the street. I didn't ask him for deets at the time because I had no use for one.

This is a great place to ask this question, is this not a forum about networking hardware?