How do Elder Scrolls Online releases work?

Alright. So i LOVE the Elder Scrolls codex for many reasons. And i especially love the macabre, dark things in gaming. Coldharbour never made it into any of the main releases. Until now. It looks so awesome! All i wanna do is hang out there as a vampire! Ahahaha...

The game looks like it has improved a lot. But what in the SHIT is up with this Morrowind release? So what happens now if you already have the game...? I hate this... This is a turn off for me. I just wanna buy the damn thing, install it, update it if need be. And enjoy.

Also, can you make multiple characters in ESO?

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You can have multiple characters in ESO without paying for the subscription. I think you can have 8 characters but it could be as little as 5. I play on Xbox One so maybe it is different on PC.
In regards to the game the general consensus is that it has been improved. Hell even on release I thought the game looked nice graphically. As for questing if you take the time to read them and also read the hidden books throughout the world you get the lore so if you are big fan of the series this could be cool for you. Finally I will share a negative and that is if you don't sub you don't get an unending inventory for mats. There are ways to upgrade bank space and it is costly so I recommend selling everything you can in the beginning. Also maybe instead of having to sub you could look in the store to see if they sell the unending inventory for mats but I have looked in the store and never seen it.

Why's there an optional subscription? I thought they ditched it entirely.


Elder Scrolls Online have improved by so much from these past three years. And I think if you want to start playing the game. Morrowind is a good point to start. As they will also release a new class which is the Warden.

I'll leave these videos here for you. I found them to be helpful and informative. I hope you do as well.

Looks like the game's changed a lot. But, idk if i wanna play it. I love the lore, and i love the macabre type stuff. I really wanna play as a vampire. :smiley:

Oh and i LOVE character customization.

They have to make money somehow from this game in order to keep it going. Commerce despite my dislike for it is alive and well in the world still.

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Oh, but it's optional, right?

And so what? it's like WoW? Morrowind is an expansion?

I know nothing about what Morrowind is other than I can say that there was a huge update today that was downloaded to my Xbox One S. I think it is possible I get the expansion for free because I got ESO Tamriel Unlimited Edition but I could be wrong.

.? You think the Tamriel Edition is just a free pass for all future expansions? Really? Well, in that case, i'll be getting that one if i decide to play

I am reading up on all sorts of things now. Somehow at the end of this research I will find out I need to buy Morrowind. LOL!

yeah, i heard that, too. Hmm.... well that sucks. -_-

The thing is though when you buy ESO Morrowind you won't have to pay a sub still if you don't want to. It is DLC though so yeah you need the original ESO game.

It's like any expansion in any other MMO in the history of ever. You can play until a certain point (which is a lot in ESO already), but to go further you have to buy the expansion.

Because they need money? Seriously, running an MMO is expensive.
The short version:

  • DLCs unlock for "free"
  • Premium currency (crowns) for cosmetic stuff
  • tiny bonus to XP/Gold

The long version:
You can play for free without major restrictions. There are DLCs (not to be confused with the Morrowind Expansoin) released that provide additional optional dungeons (but no advantage in equipment due to how equipment in ESO works). You either have to buy them separately (in which case they are unlocked forever), or you can unlock them via the subscription option. If you cancel your subscription the content is gone (not sure about equipment you earned there).
In addition to that you get a monthly amount of crowns for the crown shop, which is cosmetic stuff (mounts, certain equipment skin variants, pets, the usual stuff).
You also get a tiny amount of bonus XP and Gold (I think 5%?), but on the usual amount of gold you get this doesn't have any real impact and once you're max level who cares for the XP Bonus.
Imo it's a good way in the middle between completely paid and free. You don't have to have a subscription to enjoy the game, and if you want to play the additional dungeons you can also pay for them one-time.

As a GW2 player from the Beta onwards I always hoped ArenaNet would have a similar system, but they rely entirely on Microtransactions for skins and whatnot, and it is noticable in development speed that they don't have a steady stream of income. A subscription or semi-subscription model is way easier to calculate with then microtransactions, and that's why I really like the ESO way. But I digress...

No, Tamriel Unlimited is only the patch for the Free Version. Of course it downloads all the content in case you decide to unlock it. Imagine you're still on Modem Connection and you buy Morrowind, you'd have to start downloading then? No way that's gonna fly... Every MMO does this. They always download all the content up front, if you can use it or not.
Then again the patcher in ESO is terrible. Like... literally garbage. When I patch my ESO every idk 2-3 months (I don't actively play) it always downloads like 15GB... I updated my FFXIV last week after almost a year and it patched like 3.5GB lol

I just bought the game with Morrowind through Steam, and it has been a living nightmare to get it to launch correctly.

I've spent more time troubleshooting the Steam launcher than playing the damn game. Changing exe and app permissions, repairing the installation, reinstalling gpu drivers, reinstalling Visual C++ redistributables, etc.

Buy it through Bethesda's website. For the sake of all that is holy, don't buy it through Steam, unless you really have to.

Afaik you don't need to actually launch it through steam. Steam just installs the launcher, which you can start externally too. Not 100% on that though since I bought the hard copy.

If you bought it through Steam, it has to launch through Steam. Otherwise, it won't let you log in...

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Wow... did not know that... That's kinda stupid :smiley:

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Yeah, it's pretty terrible. I spent over 4 hours trying to get the damn thing to launch into the game.

At first, it wouldn't even open the launcher through Steam. When I got past that, it wouldn't initialize and recognize that I launched the game through Steam. Once I got past that, and could log in, it would crash immediately on the opening cinematic.

EDIT: The game itself is awesome so far. Just the installation and startup was God awful...