How difficult is it to set up Crossfire?

I know the installation of the second card is pretty basic, but is it this simple? I heard something about needing to download some patch or something specific to every game so that the game can recognize the crossfire and utilise it, is this true? What other problems can crossfire present?

I'm not looking for the best performance, just interested in having a go at overclocking and crossfire setup. I have a Powercolor HD 7770 OC and thinking of getting a second or maybe a different 7770? For overclocking I have an AMD FX-6300, but I'm a uni student so buying an overclock capable CPU cooler is still a bit down the road financially.

Basic and simple kind of bear the same meaning. : ) That is all.

If the game supports it, it supports it (and will most likely recognize it at boot?). 

You're thinking of the CAP Profile. Always download the latest cap profile. It's a small file and shows up seperately in your Uninstall manager. Always delete the old one first. That is all.

All you have to do is install the card and run the crossfire bridge across both of them. After that, download the drivers and the latest crossfire profile from AMD's website. Then open up the Catalyst Control Center and check off the crossfire box.

Ah thanks man really clarifies things for me.