How cheaply/expensively could I pivot my big HomeLab to Epyc?

I have 3.5 servers, 2.5 operational. 2 white boxes a NUC (the .5) and quad socket Asus. 2 are ddr3 systems, 1 white box and NUC are ddr4 sodimm and ddr4.

seems like i would have to sell it all off except maybe my 128gb of ddr4, GPUs and the white boxes. not sure i’d get enough $ back to really afford Epyc platform mobos?

Maybe not… But the savings in power from consolidating from 5-6 systems down to one might make up the difference in a few seasons…


i have no clue about the quad socket Asus, If it is a lga 2011 based board, those are rare enough that it could pay for the new epyc board alone.
At least i haven’t seen many. Could also mean that noone wants to buy any.

What is the actual hardware ?

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1st Gen epyc is super affordable and 1st Gen servers are not generally upgradeable. 1 socket systems use p class CPUs so you save again :smiley:


One node does a VMWare ESXi cluster not make :frowning: [minimum is 3 node]

For the 2 white boxes what kind of prices would i be looking for on an ATX board and e-atx board?

it’s an RS926-E7/RS8 i got it because we never used it at the office and it wasn’t worth it’s weight in shipping to even sell on eBay. it’s has zero hours on it.

I got a 7551p and xl-atx mobo on ebay for about $385

Anything DDR3 is pretty worthless these days, so unfortunately your sale of that won’t be a heap.

You don’t have to go to EPYC though to get a better platform. A TR4 box with 1920x or whatever will likely be more than enough cores, more IO, more ram capacity, etc.

Whether or not that is cheaper, not sure (i can’t even find epyc anywhere locally here), but TR has higher clocks out of the box for things that may need it.

Not sure if this would be quiet enough for actual “Home” lab use but its a crazy good deal on a HPE Proliant DL325 Gen10 7002 series Epyc server from Provantage.
7402P and 64GB of ram for just over $1600 seems like a steal!

DAMN! …damn! Rack mount and 1U so my GRIDs and GPUs would be out but, damn is that cheap! i don’t have rack so at least 2/3rds of my servers are tower based and 1 server and a few thing rack mount but, yeah i could put some of that horse power to use

Yeah decent deal, I think alone the CPU is ~$1,400 by itself… That said it would be a 1U screamer.

I’d like to see someone discuss building a nice dual Epyc 7002, as a quiet 4U setup, maybe with a water-cooled variant for further noise reduction. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen any newer dual Rome boards with NVME support and all PCI-e v4 slots. What is taking so long?


so far all my stuff is been in ATX cases.

EDIT: heat pipe tower coolers, not loud.

Any chance you’ve see anything like around because I’ve been shopping recently and it seems like everything on eBay is at least double that.

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32 core cpu and Mobo is less than $1k right now on eBay ?

If you get the 16 core and a “Naples only” motherboard it’s closer to 750 or less, which is a lot higher than it was.

Watch for es CPUs and “Naples only” motherboards to get the lowest prices … auction is generally cheaper than buy it now also


what’s nples only mean. no more CPU upgrades?

and yeah i’ve been seeing on servthehome forums that some EPYC stuff has been going cheap

can i run these older or even a new ROME Epyc on esxi 6.5? i’m still using older nvidia vGPU

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