How cheaply can you make decent PC?

So I'm trying to come up with a very cheap build, capable of web browsing and playing java games online.

I have made a build worth £275 but can anyone else find a cheaper build than i have planed to build which isnt a load of balls?

Here is what I put together on PcPartPicker;

please if possible to use £'s as I live in the UK and want realistic prises on UK websites that I would spend on. thanks

Cheaper, No that's as about as low as you can go without a step down in performance.  I would suggest that for 20 Pounds more upgrade to a quad-core it give the system a bit more longevity.

Or use that 20 pounds to upgrade to 8Gg Memory or put faster 4gb memory cause APU's perform better with faster memory.  remember window 7 uses 2gb (8gb memory) (4gb Faster Memory)

Thanks a lot that was actual quite informational, I do agree any less would really effect the performance of the build. I'm certainly taking the more quality components into consideration now.  

Personally I'd recommend that you just wait a bit longer till you can spend around £450 as to be honest- at that kind of price you'd probably be better with an off the shelf PC that's going cheap with a last gen i3 or something.


Something like: is more of a sweet-spot. See Linus' R7 240 Video for an explanation. If that's a bit out of reach you can drop to a GTX650ti or a 7770, maybe 500GB of storage.

Java games take nothing to run. I bumped up the motherboard to an A75 to include 6GB sata and USB3. It is only a small increase in cost.

If you spend closer to £300, you should consider a dedicated graphics card.

I appreciate everyone's own tweaks to the base build. I will be buying soon and this helps me make the right choices, as I will be building to sell and only make a profit on the fee of building it myself the price matters.