How cheap can you get?

My sister wants a new computer. I decided to put together the cheapest possible parts for a $200 build. Would have been under $200 but I put in the Coolermaster 2-pack fans. Only $10 more.

Can you do better?

PS: All she does is listen to music, play with MS Paint, and surf the web. We'll be stealing the optical out of her current (windows 95) pc.


Edit: It could even be one of those Raspberry-Pi things. I don't know much about them, but I do know she could just use a USB Optical.

Scrap the hdd, you wont even be able to install an OS, on that, go with a mechanical drive instead.

You're saying that you don't think 30 GB is enough to install Ubuntu 12.10? You're crazy.

Linux, does anyone even use that? ;)


She's got ubuntu 8.04 on it now. I use Arch Linux and Ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop.


$14 psu

are you trying to kill your sister?

maybe a cubieboard? 

raspberry pi - $35

cubieboard - $50

beagleboard xm - $150 (the only one worth getting)



raspberry pi is the cheapest (you want the $35 model over the $25 model because it has twice the ram) but takes forever to ship (over a month)

cubieboard is very powerful (cortex a10 1 gHz and 1gb of ram) and is only $50, but is only availiable for pre-order


beagleboard is expensive and isn't worth it, but ships now.

These things do have arm processors, but can run ubuntu, but not x86 applications.


















A few bucks more expensive but overall the better package.

you can get that 160gb hdd if you like

buy you get an apu with this one so if she ever wants to play games, she can.

















i'm getting mint for my desktop....

Why don't you just go on eBay and look for some cheap computers - there is some proper cheap refurbished stuff that will be fine for what your sister wants

$193.02 shipped