How can I use a VPN living in New Zealand? Can I make one?

Hi all!


So as the title says; I live in New Zealand, and what i was wondering is how can I use a VPN?


I tried out one of the VPN's that tek syndicate have suggested but the nearest sever is in Japan or something and it has a very bad connection. My friend also uses this free one called SoftEther and he claims that it works fine but idk how unless he is making his own VPN. WHich in that case can i make my own VPN?


Where I live in New Zealand I have a very unfortunate 8Mbps (1MBps) and that is one a good day, otherwise it's 6Mbps. Now when I was on the paid VPN i got a range of 2Mbps and 6Mbps which fluctuated more than someone with serious bi polar and a ping of like 200 or something which is basically far far faarrr out of the question.


I need a VPN that will keep my Speeds and Ping at around 6-8Mbps (STABLE) and a ping of less than lets say 75 otherwise there isn't any point in having one.


So to conclude all this; Does anyone know a VPN service I can buy that will allow me this? or does anyone know how I could make one to suit my needs?




try vyper vpn its the one i use from melbourne, there are 3 servers in australia 2 of which i get a ping of less than 40ms and there is a server in New Zealand to which i have from melbourne 100 ms, i guess you can get pings lower than 75ms considering the server would be in NZ. About the speed i constantly get 8~12 Mbps

Thanks! I'll look them up now :) Also do you know any advantages over making your own VPN? I was looking on an ipod touch yesterday and it had an option in it's main menu to turn on "VPN" which is weird so i thought that maybe you can have one locally?

i honestly have no idea if you can or how to make your own vpn, i you could i would guess the advantages would be not having to pay a monthly fee and a personalized encryption and server but thats just my speculation.